Top Down Shooter animation

I’ve been playing with Top Down Shooter example and stuck with character animation. My char moves with WASD and faces the mouse cursor. I want his legs animation playing depending on the direction he is moving (WASD).

Sorry for the stupid question, I’m new to UE.

follow this tutorial about 3 times, by following it i mean making everything yourself, not just watching it.

Around 3rd time you will get idea how to make what you need.
Also in character blueprint there is “character movement” component all settings are there, but be warned many of them are mutually exclusive, however unreal does not warn you about it.
For eg “orient rotation to movement” is hat makes character walk always forward (not facing mouse cursor), but then when you try to rotate your character from blueprints you get jittering.
There is also nice stuff like “use custom rotation” which should be renamed “use rotation speed”, so you can make character rotate slowly instead of always instantly rotating.

But do first that animation blueprint tutorial, few times (or until you can do it all without any reading from page)

Thanks for the reply.
I know about “orient rotation to movement” and its effect in my case, but thanks anyway. Doing tutorial…

Good day.
Tell me, did you manage to solve this problem, or find the setting for this function?