[Top Down] Proper Object Interaction

I am basically wanting to implement object interaction into my Top Down project, the problem I am facing is that I’ll need to click on the object again once I reach it to initiate an action instead of clicking it>and once it arrives to the location> then it will automatically initiate its action.

I’ve tried fixing it so that once I overlap it’s collision it will stop the players movement, face the object and then initiate its action, but ofc, also initiates when you happen to collide with the object when walking through its collision…

But this all seems a bit complicated for such a simple task.

Top Down Controller

The object I want to interact with ((Collision Overlap) Don’t mind the animation stuff)

If you could just list the steps you would take to achieve this I can figure out the rest, thanks :smiley:

You can use Get Distance To node in the tick function. If the distance is less than or equal to SomeSpecificDistance then execute the rest of the stuff. :).

Wouldn’t I need to click on the object again once I get to it for it to check it again? Sorry, trying to stay away from tick event’s :\

I was wondering fi there was something that functions like AI Move To where it will fire when it gets to it’s destination.

Don’t really like doing it this way, but it’ll have to do…

So, have a custom event executing off the event tick, every ■■■■ tick it is checking the distance between the player and the sphere radius of the last clicked actor, when the player intersects the radius it will execute some game play logic.

Wondering if I could use a sphere trace around my layer that will fire as long as it’s heading towards the desired actor.