Top Down Paper 2D Enemy AI

Hey there,
I’m working on a Top Down Perspective, Paper 2D RPG. The game’s overworld and characters are made of 8 bit styled sprites.

Basically, I would like an enemy slime to wander around on his own when the player is out of his sight. When the player gets close to the enemy slime, I would like the slime to chase after the player.

I tried watching some tutorials online but they weren’t focusing on my specific situation so I made a quick 3 minute video to help describe the specifics of what I’m looking for. (Link listed below)

Thank you in advance,

I think I found a rough solution on my own.
Basically I flipped the tile map 90 degrees on its back and then I added a plane mesh where I wanted the enemy to move around. The navmesh bounds volume doesn’t appear to work with tile maps from what I’ve seen but I’m a noob at UE4 so that shouldn’t mean much coming from me.

Also, because the plane mesh is below the tile map, I had to raise the sprite significantly above the capsule component. It still looks the same from my orthographic top down perspective but its a little weird in the viewport.