Top Down Object Visibility/Interaction & Pathfinding

Good afternoon,

I was thinking of trying to make my first Mobile project, and why not use the classics to start?

So the basic idea would be to have the player interact with objects in a house viewed from above, meaning, sectioned. Classic games have an above view, where you can select the floor you’re at (via buttons or w/e), and the non-needed floors disappear. I’m guessing this can be achieved through object visibility, but the question is: how would I prevent the user from interacting with objects from another floor?

Secondly, would there be a way to make the pathfinding work with the floors - even though there’s no necessary physical connection between them, perhaps a stairs placeholder which would act as a portal) ?

Thanks in advance, and I apologize if the questions don’t really make much sense, like I said, first mobile attempt.

Pathfinding works on multiple levels, so making colision ramp should be enough for pawn to go upstairs.

And yes visibility is what you turn on/off for tracing objects.

To interact you need to trace object you touched, you can pick different channels (types) for trace.
If you choose trace by visibility, everything hidden will not be traced thus you will not interact with those objects.