Top Down - Navigation Blocked?

Hey everyone!

So I am working on a Top Down Template and having a real pickle trying to figure this out.
So as you may be aware, click to move. If you click on say a Cube it won’t move there. Now if I set the cube to be a physics object that get’s knocked out the way? Why does it still think it is there and blocking my movement?!

Also, see screenshot, I have currently a “placeholder” brush (circled in red) to be replaced with an effect later which blocks the players moving beyond it. I have a trigger (red arrow) that then hides this actor but it then becomes visible again after X amount of time.

No matter what I try, I cannot seem to make the actor passable! If I set the collision preset to ignore everything? I can pass through as expected however I need it to block from start. I have tried setting collision response to all channels and just about everything I can think of to toggle it blocking or passable to no avail…

Someone tell me I’m stupid and that I am doing everything wrong and then the “How to fix it” method. Much thanks for any help!

It sounds like the object is blocking your navmesh. In the top left of your viewport click Show - > Navigation. The green areas are the walkable areas. If it cuts out around the object, then it means the navmesh sees it as an obstacle. Setting the collision on the object to overlap with pawns and vehicles should make the navmesh ignore the object and let you move through that space. You’ll need to change that at runtime via the blueprint that also makes it invisible I suppose. So the preset will need to be “custom”.