Top-down movement issue (character keeps stopping when no navmesh)

The top-down control setup seems pretty good by default barring a few issues. For my setup it’s a little game breaking however, as whenever the mouse hovers over an area without navmesh my character just stops dead like a dummy. Even if the non-navmesh area is on the other side of the screen he will still stop dead instead of continuing to the area where nav-mesh stops.

Note: I’m planning on not using the pathfinding feature, I just want the mouse to drive the pawn around, so you can see why this is an issue.

I worked around the issue for objects like trees by changing their trace response to ignore, but for things like steep terrain, mountains, etc there’s no apparent solution - it makes exploring any sort of wilderness-type area next to impossible due to random things popping up. So basically I’m looking for any ideas on modifying the controller blueprint so the character keeps running in the direction of the mouse (at least until he reaches the end of the navmesh). Or would I be better off adapting the other third-person view to top-down - activating cursor, disabling jump etc…

Thanks for any suggestions!

try this:


That’s pretty much a perfect answer, thanks! I like how you posted it in C++ too, gives me an opportunity to tinker with it. I don’t think your method disables pathfinding so I’ll see about making a few changes.