Top down movement animation only plays when holding down LMB and not when clicking

I’m having an issue where my character only plays the walk and run Blendspace when I hold down the left mouse button to move and doesn’t trigger it when clicking.

you are checking for acceleration.

once max speed is reached there will be no acceleration.

Was there a reason to check for acceleration? Where is the boolean ‘shouldMove’ used?

I’d just copied over everything from the Unreal template but I’ve just unlinked the and bool from the should move node and now it’s all working

that is interesting. i havent downloaded ue5 so i cant take a look at the template. but presumably that check is there for some reason, and if you copied things over but it is not working, must be some detail you missed somewhere.

may not be important to hunt down immediately but if things are acting weird later at least you know that there may be some problems related to that acceleration check to invesitgate.

you might search the booleans references throughout the anim blueprint (alt + shift + f with the variable selected) to see all the places it is being used. perhaps it is used for play a special montage only at the beginning of movement.