[TOP-DOWN] Mouse and WSAD movement problem.

i found a tutorial on youtube how to add WSAD movement and that’s the first time i use Unreal Engine 4 and program anything except PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

If i use WSAD >or< the mouse to move, everything works fine. But when i click somewhere and then try to move with WSAD this happens:
[video][/video] (4:10)


So i know in theory what to do. When i click somewhere with the mouse and then use WSAD i need to “end” the click event so it will normaly move with WSAD.

definitely sounds like it has something to do with the mouse being clicked, you have no click input events? you might need to capture mouse… and also try using set input mode game only… not sure if that will help…

also, do you have separate inputs for the mouse or are you just assigning the mouse x and y to the move inputs? cause that’s what i would probably do too… seems pretty weird…

To be serious i don’t know, i just got unreal engine 4 yesterday on my PC.

Maybe your character is trying to walk to location 0-0-0 because there is a problem with your code. Take a look at “Get hit result under the cursor by channel” in your character controller. Use a Branch to only walk if you hit something correct.