Top Down mannequin replacing issue

I feel almost silly to have to ask, seeing what I’ve been able to do on my own with my first project. I’m experimenting for my new project, but I have a problem replacing the default mannequin with the paragon character Narbash from Epic. Most of my stuff so far I’ve been doing in 3rd person blueprint and a character swap was easy replacing the skeletal mesh with <whatever> and changing the Anim Class with it. When I do the same within the Top down blueprint, I get the mesh, it is animated (I can see the idle animation playing), but when I point and click for the character to move, it moves (even turns) but it keeps playing the idle animation.

Just to be sure I made a new "third person’ project and was able to replace the character with ease and the animations there work normally. How do I remedy this? Am I overlooking something? I think it’s probably very small and simple. My google fu is failing me, any help or nudge in the right direction is appreciated.

The easy hack I found is to import the Paragon character into the 3rd person template,find the base skeleton for the Paragon character, and delete it. When the dialogue comes up select the Epic base rig as the replacement and UE4 will then process all of the extension files, including animation and blueprints, to the Epic rig. You can do the same thing more or less but it’s good pratice to delete unused assets as it can get a bit confusing as the orphans start to build up.

What makes it work is all of the Epic assets are based on the basic rigging skeleton that comes with the 3rd person template and even though the Paragon uses extra bones they will in most cases be added to the stock rig, and children and made visible to any animations custom built for that character. For that matter you can do the same for all of the animations made for Paragon

The animation blueprint would be the reason.
top down uses AI controller to move the character if i remember correctly.
This needs to be accounted for in the animation blueprint.
The capsule and movement might not have a speed derived by the Player Input as there is no input happening.

How you fix it, would be the same for how you build a good animation blupeint that covers both regular input and AI input (the base mannequin abp does do that).

Thank you for this info, I’'ll tinker with a new Animation blueprint. If I can make that work, I might be able to figure out what can be done in the animation blueprint that came with the model.