Top-Down Graveyard Collision

Hello. I really love assets from Manufactura K4. I have almost all from Top-Down series and happy to use it.
But today I bought Top-Down Graveyard asset and I see this-

Every object in this asset have UE4 auto collision.
It’s horrible, I’m not understand, how character can walk on stairs with collision like this:

Or walk in the forest, where every tree with collision like this:

I thought that assets in the Marketplace always “game ready” (especially for $70), but this asset absolutely not game ready. I think the people, who make games, and buy assets for thier games to save time on modeling, will understand me.

I hate to say it, but Manufactura K4’s asset packs have had a repeat history of being streamlined through the marketplace then ending up as complete trash assets. They were originally Unity assets that cut a ton of corners but looked good in most scenarios within Unity. The creator clearly didn’t do anything to cater to UE4 other than import them and spam the defaults.

This would mark the third pack from Manufactura K4 that people have had specific major issues with. I’m not sure how many more of these terrible asset packs need to go through the marketplace while other quality assets get delayed for weeks or months (or existing marketplace assets wait several weeks for their updates to go through) - I think he has about 5-6 more asset packs left to submit if the Unity store is any reference.

Sorry for the hostile post, it just gets more frustrating with each low-quality pack.

Yes, Manufactura got great assets pack for Unity, but when he converts them to UE4 he makes the sloppiest of jobs and he’s also ignoring email requests, he’s just milking the marketplace cow without making any effort. Epic needs to do something about it.

I’d prefer not to collider at all, that this collider, at last you can save time of delete the collider in all assets.
BTW remember that you can create a mix of collider in the unreal editor without need to create a mesh collider.

I had a similar issue with Top Down Dungeons (see post here) … and eventually got an email from the supplier.

The supplier indicated that he would look at fixing the problem and get back to me … this was over a month ago … still no response. So I am very hesitant on buying any assets from the supplier until they sort out their issues.

I almost went as far as asking for a refund … but decided to just leave it.

Wow, is the collision really this bad? The assets look good and I was considering purchase. Not now. Not ever.

That is something i just dont get. It takes around 4 hours to correctly(!) convert one package to UE4 from Unity (did that with TopDown-City), then we got a correct Lightmap, scale and collision. I mean, thats really minimal effort and i dont get why he cannot do that for getting all the payments in the Marketplace of Ue4 additionally?

Thats really something that Epic should check when accepting a submission; In this case the standard collisions are just not usable.

These look like they should be removed from the marketplace. They are not anywhere near game-ready.

Da*n, that’s a shame. I would recommend to you guys making the collision on your own, but first try removing the existing one. “Use complex collision as simple” gives great results, but it’s less performance friendly.

@wielkiczarnyafgan: Yes we can do that … but that is not the point. You buy assets because they are game ready … if I wanted to go through the issues of setting up collissions and fixing textures … then I am better off using Desoft or Arteria 3D.

The other issue now is, you have to push these in to your project … export them as FBX, import them in to your modelling tool … modify what you need … export them to FBX and then reimport them in to your game. Same applies for the textures … this is not what you expect from a “Game Ready” pack.

I really hope that this wasn’t known about beforehand. If he did know, I think it counts as a scam.

Hey all - thanks for pointing this out. We’re looking into it now and will report back soon with an update.

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

After further review, we found that the collision in this pack was auto-generated. This points out a few things. There are possibly some improvements we can make in the UE4 collision auto-generation, but more importantly, we need to do a better job explaining how to check for collision issues before submitting to Marketplace.

We’ve reached out to Manufactura-K4 to update this and other packs that exhibit poor collision, and we’re asking them to be careful of this in the future.

Thanks to everyone who pointed this out on our forums. We’ll always do our best to work with sellers to update their packs and fix any problems. That said, I ask that you also continue to be encouraging and helpful to sellers like Manufactura-K4 who are coming over from other engines and may not be as up to speed on the intricacies of UE4 yet. Reach out to Manufactura-K4 ( Manufactura-K4 support: [EMAIL=“”] ) - or any other seller - and let them know how they can improve their assets directly.

We’re all improving as we go!

I’m sorry for the problems with collision, just missed that thing. At the moment I’m working on an update.

Thank you, MK4. As soon as we get the update we’ll run it through our internal QA, push it to live, then notify here.

We’ve published the fixed version of the Top-Down Graveyard to the Marketplace and it’s now live. Alesund, can you verify that it’s been updated properly and is working as expected now?

@ & Manufacture-K4: Is there going to be an update for Top Down Dungeon as well … this packs collision is not as bad but doesn’t work very well with NavMesh. See the post here. I did reach out on the support email, got a response saying there would be an update on the 7th January 2015 but have received no further word on this.

I don’t want to hijack this thread … I am just interested to know whether there will be a fix. Thanks.

Just wanted to chime in with something positive…
This is what makes a good content creator in my opinion. It’s the post sales support that is important and is a massive problem on other stores.
Sure, it may have been released in a less than ideal state for many people, but the reality is that’s going to happen sometimes. What is important is that Epic and M-K4 worked together and fixed it, learnt something from the process and all is good in the world again. Good work guys.

Thanks for the update, it’ll be great if you could also fix this on the TopDown Dungeon: Navmesh on Stairs - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums
and this on the Ancient Environment [Resolved] Ancient Environment Pack - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums (it says resolved but it was just a temp fix from the user)
then I’ll definitely buy them :slight_smile: