Top Down Get Widget when clicked and up close.

I’m using the top down template and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a blueprint so when I click on an object my character will run up to it to have a widget pop up when at a certain distance.
Anyone know how this can be done?

Thank you.

You can try by clicking on an actor get it’s reference which you will pass into your character and in it by checking every tick if the target is valid and if is within some distance, if so then just create a widget.

Hope it helps.

I’m sorry, I’m not entirely sure how to do that.

I’m Sorry, I’m not sure how to go about and doing this.

Or you can add overlapping collision to the pawn, ideally you’d have a unique object type but his will still work:


And the Pawn can pop a widget like so:


Running up to objects is already included in the template so this just checks whether you’re near something, not whether you’ve clicked on it. You did not mention widget position tracking, so it’s not included.

Good luck!