Top-Down game with WASD based controls.

Hey again guys!

I’m currently developing a game in which the controls are based on WASD keys.

Some friends already said that I should just copy the blueprints from a FPS project, but I need something a little different.

When I input “W”, I don’t want my character to actually move forward, I want it to go up in the screen. “A” would make the character go left, “S” would make go down and “D” would make it go right.

Is something like Counter Strike 2D.

I know it’s something (basically) easy, but I’m new to the engine and this blueprint system made me a little confused with the functions and stuff.

Any help would be really appreciated!

very good timing check out my last template

That was just EXACTLY what I was looking for!

Thank you so much!

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I knew it was something easy, but with those blueprints, it will be faster (and easy!) to learn how to develop the system I have in mind.

Thank you again, that thread will be super helpful!

P.S.: Really, I searched but I couldn’t find anything to “like” or “Thank” for the thread…

Glad it helped
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