Top Down example project: changing the possessed pawn?

Working on learning UE4 and its Blueprint visual scripting; currently trying to get multiple controllable characters in the Top Down example project, using this official tutorial for Side Scroller as a basis, but it’s not working as expected. Adding multiple characters, creating the level blueprint, and compiling the level blueprint all work fine, but when actually testing (i.e. running the game and using keyboard inputs to change characters), nothing happens. I’ve tried setting breakpoints on the input events, but even those don’t fire.

As far as I can tell, this is due to the Top Down example project using a TopDownController (which is derived from a PlayerController) instead of a PlayerController, but I have no idea how to go about using/modifying TopDownController to get the desired behavior (switching between multiple TopDownCharacters and controlling them individually).

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forums. (:

First golden rule: Show us your Blueprints and/or Code. Then we can tell you if you are missing something!

I mean, it’s a literal copy of the Blueprint in the linked tutorial, minus a character, but okay.


thats a common issue and really easy to solve if you know where to look :wink:

Go into the TopDownController blueprint, to the Class Defaults. Scroll down and disable the checkbox “Block Input”, so that your Level Blueprint actually gets the Input forwarded; Otherwise the TopDownController will consume any input and your Level Blueprint never gets it.

Have fun!


\o/ Thanks, that fixed things.

Now to figure out how to keep a character moving when I’ve switched away from it…

Hey, did you find any solutions? If so, share please.