Top Down City issue

I just purchased this content package. I’m having issues with the landscape material placing correctly. I can load the sample city it shows fine. if I try to place it myself using the landscape tool it just looks all black and shiny. Does anyone know a fix to this ?

Here is an image of the landscape is looking like when I open it up in the Blueprint Editor. I cannot figure out why it is showing like this. Please help if you know how to fix!!!


Did you ever get an answer to this issue? I JUST purchased this.
Also, how do you load the sample city?


load sample by adding it to your project and opening level called sampleCity

Black shiny, thats how it will look. Each layer need to be painted (altho there is a base layer) but it won’t show up in the mat editor b/c you don’t paint layers in that view so it doesn’t know how to better display it. Basically it will look right when you apply it to a landscape object, and make sure to add weight-Blend_layerInfo to your layers in the paint menu and you’re good.