Top-down character will only walk one direction

I’m having a problem where the default character in a top-down view will only walk in one direction, end therefore eventually fall off the map. No matter where I click on the ground to make it walk, it sticks to one direction. It stops walking when I don’t click anywhere, and will not turn around no matter what I do. Any ideas how to fix it?
I am using the most recently updated version of UE 5.
Thank you for any responses!

Hi @ingridbie! Welcome to the Forums!

Would you mind sharing your blueprints/code that you are using to control your character?

Any information you can provide will be a great help in solving your problem!

This sounds like what happens when you accidentally transform a vector (“to the right”) as a point, at which point it gets the actor position added to it, and thus is always some large value (based on where the actor is in the world.)

It could also happen when you accidentally multiply an actor transform twice (thus, adding the position to itself,) or if you use the “move to” nodes that expect a global position, but pass in a LOCAL position.

PrintString the value that you pass into the Move To node, and see what happens when. you click different locations. It may be that it’s transformed wrong, or that the coordinate space is not what you expect, or that unprojecting the mouse didn’t work right, or something else along those lines.