Top down camera shake

Hello everyone, i am working on a multiplayer Top-down project and im trying to get a camera shake effect a player comes close to the epicenter, but fo far the only way i found to make the camera shake is by placing the camera close to the epicenter.

Thanks in advance.

In addition to this, i am using the Play World Camera Shake node to spawn the shake effect, i can locate the effect in the Epicenter pin and all the cameras close to this epicenter will recieve the effect. but i need the effect to activate using the player actor as reference and get the effect on the camera when that actor comes close.



final bump, guys, I really need a hand on this.


Hey @imnomad,

Forgive me if this doesn’t help but I found some documentation that might at least lead in the right direction.

  1. Camera Shake from source
  2. And this mentions epicenter specifically epicenter which hopefully helps you.

Goodluck and happy developing. :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for your response, unfortunately, I have already investigated this documentation, and they do reference the epicenter, but what I need is more like a 3-part node, it has to be a World Camera shake that allows me to set an epicenter and affects every camera but based on the distance to another component(a static mesh or camera boom for example)

This is the pawn I’m using for my project, the player character is located right where the camera boom is located, I’m using the target arm length to set the camera distance from the character and the camera boom rotation to set the angle. when the player character comes close to an epicenter, the camera shake effect should occur. but I think I will have to request someone to program a new node to get this done.