Top down camera setup with crosshair

Hey there!

I would like to achieve this top-down camera setup with a crosshair, like exactly on this video:

I can’t figure out how to make it in the third person blueprint.

Thanks for any help!

welcome @emotivarts … this is fairly straightforward with a bit of UE4’s built in functionality… for this I’d add a spring arm component with a child camera component to your player character or player pawn.

To smooth the movement a touch of rotation and movement lag on the spring arm component settings would be nice

here are a couple of tutorials that might also be useful…

Hi there!

Thanks for your quick reply.

I am working from a TPS Char template from the beginning and somehow I cannot achieve this even from a blank camera setting.

This is how my camera behaving right now and no idea why!

[- YouTube][2]

[alt text][1]:

I need this camera to be converted to the fix top down like shown in the video
In the TPS blueprint, there is a “shoot to center” set up.

Thank for your help, this is really annoying :C


ah… first thing to do is… just go to the spring arm component and turn off inherit pitch / yaw / roll

see if this fixes everything :slight_smile:

No luck, now it look like this:


  • on your Spring Arm Component: keep “Inherit pitch / yaw / roll” turned off
  • on your Camera Component: turn off '“Use Pawn Control Rotation”
  • on your player pawn/character BP: set the spring arm angle to the correct relative angle to give you the look you’d like
  • on your Spring Arm Component: set “Camera Lag” to a suitable value

Yeah I am now halfway to joy :))) Camera is ok, now my only problem is I can’t move my crosshair independently from the camera.


I think it’s beacuse the “shoot projectile to center” bp is referring to it, I added a screenshot of that bp earlier, check if you see something. Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it:)

good news… progress! without seeing your setup, I’m not sure, but it looks like the spring arm and camera are children of the the crosshair at the moment… depending on what you are going for it may be best to child the spring arm/camera to the root, to which the skeletal mesh should be a child of too. Or you could child the spring arm/camera between the local position of the skeletal mesh and crosshair and to this… there are a variety of approaches, depending on the look/feel/gameplay you are aiming for :slight_smile:

I think I see the other issue now… the beginning of your spring arm was moved from relative location 0,0,0… so just just reset the relative location to 0,0,0… those numbers were offsetting the pivot of your spring arm (and, by extension, the camera) from your skeletal mesh.

This may give rise to another visual error: as far as I can tell, now your skeletal mesh and crosshair will now be in the same place… which may be undesirable… so you’ll need to offset your crosshair in BP to look like your sample. It looks like, in your video sample, the skeletal mesh seems to stay at the center while the crosshair is offset.

Wow cool, the camera is just fine now! How can I offset the crosshair in BP exactly? I think thats the only think left for success! Thanks a lot!

good news!

I’m not quite sure, without looking at your BP in detail… but it may be the vector variable “Max Range” that is setting the crosshair offset length and direction. I’d suggest playing around with different values to see how it works exactly.

I figured it out finally! I just changed the projectile linetracebychannel to get hit result under cursor and now the controller is also works fine. Thanks for you time and help! :slight_smile: