Top-Down Camera Rotation AND Movement

Hi there,
I’m trying to make a Top-Down camera like the one in Divinity - Original Sins 2. I got the camera rotation (on right mouse button down using Mouse X and Y 2D) and movement (WASD) working.

The problem is when I rotate the camera, the camera movement on WASD go haywire. For example, if I rotate the camera 90 degree, I AD moves the camera up and down.

I tried different nodes (Add ‘World/Local/Relative’) but nothing seems to work.

EDIT: The Camera with the Spring Arms is attached to the Player.

Any tips, please?

this should be a simple problem of vectors.
if you ask an actor for his “forward” so the +x vector i think ,
can be different from the World +x
because the actor can rotate.

same thing, with camera too.
so you have to define the direction from the Camera point of view
and convert it to the world vector,
and ask to the char to go toward that

post a screen if you are still lost in this

Thank you for the advice, this did the job :wink: