Top Down Attacking Rotation Issue

I have a top down game going on and when I try to shoot a projectile my character will rotate to where I click but it will end up going parallel with the ground if I shoot the projectile too close. I know the way to solve it has something to do with a Break Rot or something. I’ve been trying to brute force a solution but I’m not coming up with anything.

Also here is a [Youtube video][2] to further illustrate the issue.

Thank you for the help in advance (:

I spent the past couple hours and finally found a solution myself, I just came here to post it but the way you did it is much more efficient. Thanks for teaching me about splitting the pins, didn’t know that was a thing!
Anyways, here’s my jank solution for anyone else that experiences this but I suggest following Mightyenigma’s solution.

Easiest way is to break the Rotator link (violet) coming out of your Find LookAt Rotation node,
then right-click the out-pin and in the menu that pops up, click “Split pin” (or something like that).

this does basically the same thing as a Break node without adding a node.

Now you can pull out the individual float values in the Rotator vector, X, Y, Z.

You can split the matching Rotator input pin on your Make Transform node as well.

Now you can choose which parts of the LookAt Rotator to plug into the Make Transform’s Rotator.
Plug in just the Yaw, leave the others components (Pitch and Roll) blank/zero.

That should keep your bullets from running into the ground.

The problem was that LookAt was looking at where your mouse cursor hit the ground, so the bullets were heading for the ground because their LookAt rotator was pointed at the ground where the mouse trace hit because of the Pitch component.

Taking out the Pitch component makes it fly flat like I think you want.