Top down/adventure/rts game example [100% BP] :: Possible Marketplace

Hi guys, I´m here again to show my latest project, it´s a simple game example that Im planning to release on the marketplaces (if epic and you guys let me to do that)

It contains a basic top down, adventure, rts game, 100% with blueprints


  • Point and click to move
  • Zoomable camera
  • All works online
  • Clickable objects
  • Scalable
  • Click on objects lets you interact with them
  • Click on objects highlight them
  • Buttons appear on click
  • Tooltips appear on button hover
  • Easy to add new interactions/buttons/tooltips
  • Clean and easy to understand project
  • Transport/Vehicle system

It also includes an example map that lets you show a live medieval enviroment, with most content provided by epic on examples, but well used.

I would like to know your opinions and if you would buy this on marketplace for around 10$