Top 10 Game genres worldwide:

1.Puzzle (72,316)
2.Arcade (69826)
3.Action (65,249)
4.Family (58,370)
5.Educational (45,452)
6.Adventure (38,943)
7.Strategy (26,671)
8.Board (25,165)
9.Simulation (21,729)
10.Trivia (17,091)

Everyone loves magic numbers that make no sense. Are you going to justify the post, or shall I delete it as spam?

It is knowledge sharing I am not spamming but of you feel it is a spam then go ahead.

There is truth, there are lies , and then you have statistics.

Those numbers are for games developed in english for Ios. So it is nothing like you are suggesting.

@Nawrot - do you know something about this that I don’t? I can’t find any reference to this at all.

The point is you’ve just dumped a list of numbers - it’s absolutely meaningless for anybody reading it. I have no idea what these numbers are supposed to represent or where they came from, they are literally just numbers.

If I try to google it, I just come back to this thread.

Yes, cite your sources. If these stats are for iOS, they mean nothing to me, and the same stats for PC & Console will be MUCH different.

Yup, if you are going to post stats then post the sources if not, don’t bother as it’s meaningless to most. As Jamendxman3 said, it very much matters where the info is sourced and what it pertains to as to how the information is used.

Google first 3 numbers without comas, some apple marketing article will come up.
I will post link shortly.

here is link:

Some thoughts about this topic:
it is games developed enough to be in finished state and uploaded to AppStore, that does not mean those games are most popular among potential customers, all it mean is that developers think they can make such game with minimal effort thus making most bucks out of it. And there are limitations of engines (or languages or skills) that developers have, i doubt that even 5% of “game developers” could create their own 3d game without any 3rd party library or engine, so that is biggest reason for flooding market with those very easy to do games.

So pretty much useless unless you are looking at mobile market and specifically IOS mobile market.

and that make me wonder why I dont have a game… xD