Tooth & Claw [WIP]

Project Title:
Tooth & Claw [WIP]

We have already started on this project, but due to our current developer leaving, we are looking for someone else to take over. Our old developer has assured me that a competant developer will be able to make sense of what he has already done, but we are of course open to any suggestions you may have.

We want to create a deeply immersive, atmospheric survival game based in a cretaceous environment featuring dinosaurs and other pre-historic animals of the time. The game will be challenging, hopefully we can create some smart AI which will keep the player fearing the dinosaurs, even after many hours played. There will be minimal building/crafting, the player will have an inventory, and gear can be found around the world. We plan on having both single and multiplayer, up to 16 players. If we can get the map highly optimized hopefully we can have a 12km2 island. The arsenal of weapons featured will include modern firearms/melee. There will be an XP levelling system, and players can purchase items with in-game currency. Bases/camps scattered throughout the world will enable players to access the store.

Please contact me so we discuss further.

Huge, open world
Tense atmosphere
Incredible cretaceous environment
Fearsome dinosaurs
Modern day weaponry
First person

Team Structure:
Dumbfounded Polymath (Project Manager)
kathiel (dA) (Concept Artist - Fauna)
Oscar Valdes (Concept Artist - Fauna)
Roderick Adams (Graphic Designer/UI)

Previous Work:
This is our first venture.

Talent Required:
Unreal Developer (Part-time, hourly paid)
Experience with Unreal4 Engine.
You will get our project off the ground. Working alongside myself, we will create an initial demonstration game, with which we can secure kickstarter funding. Utilising assets we already have, we will need to;

  • Prepare the game for multiplayer environment
  • Player controls/animations
  • Weapon animations/sound
  • Dinosaur AI
  • Create a believable environment, in which we can create media to further solidify the kickstarter

Upon a successful kickstarter, there will be increased opportunity for you

Must be passionate about creating beautiful environments with the assets and models we provide.
Great all-rounder, deep knowledge of the engine in general. Confident of handling any situation or adapting and learning on the fly.
You will need to single handedly create a game, with no time constraints, we will get it done when we are happy with the quality.

Steam: Dumbfounded Polymath

Attaching some early concept art

The last one, his back leg is a bit weird. I suggest you lower it.
Apart from that - great concepts!