Tooltips not displayed when hovering variables in standalone editor 4.17.1

When hovering over the node the variable tooltips are not showing up, have reviewed all the options in editor preferences if this is an option or something i missed in this new version but i can’t find nothing about this.

I was able to reproduce it in a new project just creating one blueprint and adding a variable and the tooltip stills not showing up. Ain’t working in widgets too. Other engine tooltips seems to work properly fine like always.

Found a issue of similar problem, UE-41098, it says it’s been fixed for 4.16

Can i do something to fix this? Any help will be welcome

In 4.17.1:

In 4.15.3:

Hello Boscox,

Thank you for reporting this issue. UE-41098 refers to local variables. However, we have made a note of this.

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Tooltips (not text is the custom widget ) won’t work in standalone build…at UE4 4.17 .