Tooltip Widget Not Updating

I’m trying to do an item inventory system (modeled after UnrealGaimeDev’s) where I’m adding item tooltips. I’m trying to use the built in Unreal tooltip widget functionality for a border I’m using for my inventory slot:

by binding a custom function (GetSlotBorderTooltip) to it shown below:

Which works pretty well. The one issue I have is that the tooltip doesn’t update if I use an item while leaving my cursor in place. You can see in the image below:

Unless I move my cursor outside of the box and back in, the text does not update. Is there a way I can force the UE ToolTipWidget to update after I use an item without having to abandon the built-in capability and create my own tooltip system?

You’ve bound the tooltip’s fields to its own exposed variables (and/or use getter functions inside to break structs and format what is coming in). When the widget is constructed it is fed data but the variables never update after that. There are many ways to fix this:

  • call a custom event inside the tooltip, updating the variables after using the item
  • instead of passing values, pass object reference that owns the data - this way the widget can pull up-to-date data from the object directly (scroll down to the image with orange arrows here for an example)
  • as above, but keep functions returning formatted text outside the tooltip, and bind tooltip’s text blocks to those functions instead