Tooltip doesn't work in ARK!

I made a tooltip for some buttons in my widget. In the editor everything works perfect, but when playing in game all the tooltips disappear.

What is the problem? Thanks in advance!

Also ‘Print string’ doesn’t seem to work. I saw this question: Tooltips won't work in standalone build - UE4 AnswerHub where they have a simulair problem. Has this been fixed? If not, how to work around this?

Print strings will not be cooked/displayed in-game. There’s some node that will print messages to the screen, check the StorageBox UseTest BP in your ADK and look for a node called Force “something” notification… or something along those lines I think it is. I just closed my ADK and I’m heading to bed so sorry I can’t be more precise.

In regards to tooltips, they will only happen if the item that has the tooltip in your widget is set to “Visible”. Some things are set to Hit Test Invisible by default which means they won’t register mouse events.

I’ll provide SS’s of what I’m talking about if you haven’t worked it out by the time I wake up tomorrow.


The thing of the print string I don’t really understand. The tooltip in my widget belongs to a button, which is visible. The only thing it is disabled by default, after you do something you can click the button. The tooltip says how to unlock this.

I don’t know if you mean you couldn’t find it or if you don’t know how it works and how to use it…

This is from my fence. Basically what happens here, is the fence chooses which text to display on the players screen depending on which state the fence is changing to. If the activated flag has changed to true from the toggle, it will display Fence Activating… and vice versa for deactivated.

The Client Server Notification node is accessed from disabling “Context Sensitive” when you right click in the graph. How you wire this up, will depend on what you’re doing. Below is an example I whipped up from a UI I’m working on currently, to give you an idea on usage from a UI perspective and how it could be handled.

In regards to the tooltip, to offer any real help, screenshots of your button’s settings would be extremely beneficial. Gyazo is great for creating quick screenshots of selected areas of a screen, there’s another similar app out there with a little more functionality if you wish, I can’t remember the name though.

Also, you do not mention how you’re handling this enabling of the button…


I’ve just encountered my tooltips not showing up, so I don’t know what it’s done to me. Oh well, it’s no big deal. As a last resort I’ll try and work out how the custom ones work.


The button, is unlockable by reaching level 10 as a raptor. This works, if you play as the raptor and reach level 10 the button will be enabled.
The button binding for enable/disable:
The button binding for the tooltip:
The button settings:

I the editor the tooltips work fine, outside not. Let me know if you need more screenshots.

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t gotten around to looking at this in my own mod yet, but look at custom tooltips, I think that’s what ARK uses… I remember pulling up a UI widget ('tis where I stole my UI’s background effects from) to get a base idea of what was happening and I recall seeing settings changed in the custom tooltips.


I have made a workaround, if the button isn’t enabled yet but someone clicks on it, a message shows up.

Ahh, ok. Yeah, I’ve just resorted to using custom tooltips for the time being.