Tools to create assets

I have been a 3d generalist for a long time, and I’m trying to speed up the process of creating archvis assets since i’m only a single person trying to get into archvis. I found creating assets by hand to be very time consuming so I was wondering what tools are available to dump some ready-made assets that are clean enough for unwrapping and using in UE4.

I tried hiring freelancers to model some assets, but most of them have a background in Revit and they never even heard of UV mapping. The models I got from them were so “dirty” they’re impossible to unwrap reasonably.

Any tools you guys use?

Modeling in anything and unwrapping in 3dsmax.

Just find good clean models on the web or buy them then uv yourself. There are tons of free models.

3DSMAX… If you want to use revit models in unreal you will need to work them through 3dsmax or another modeling program.

for people saying 3dsmax, that’s exactly what i’m trying to avoid (I want to minimize asset modeling). I noticed there is a decent amount of free models on turbosquid and blendswap. I was wondering if sketchup has ready-made assets because i see it used a lot in architecture. can anyone confirm? things like this are what i’m looking for.

Google free .3ds models, there’s a lot more places than what you mentioned. Stay away from Sketchup models if you can, it’s okay to build building shells but not for furniture etc.