Tools for terrain and GIS importings

So learning UE is being the best game so far.

In this quest of trying to learn how to do stuff I’ve been working on the tools/assets needed to accomplish my first objetives.
Started with a minimal tool set to be able to import data from the GIS world. I need more tools so this is a work in progress GitHub - Rodrigo-NH/UE4HmapsGenerator: Unreal Engine 4 scripts to: prepare and tile from SRTM (and others) DEM to UE heightmaps keeping real world dimensions and proportions. Create landscape materials. Assign landscape materials to tiles among other tools. . I posted this already in another forum, but now I realize this looks the right place to leave the reference I guess.
Besides these basics tools I also need a way to produce splines to be used in fly-by terrain renderings so I was working on a “free flight” controller to be able to record the flights.

This video compiles my results until now so far Unreal Engine Mannequin takes a ride - YouTube

Well, poor mannequin. It’s been hard to understand and test all the physics constraints options (and what not). So I guess this video is also a work in progress as I think I will be adding more things to it and fixing things along the process.