[Tool - Windows] PNG splitter for terrain maps.


This is a tool for creating a tiled series of images from a single greyscale png heightmap file. I made a quick .net exe to make it easier. It takes in GREYSCALE 16 bit pngs, and outputs cropped images in resolutions UE4’s terrain importer likes. You can choose where in the image to start your samples. You can also generate all white weight maps for filling your terrain with a landscape layer.

Program is a console app, old school. Just run the exe, and follow the prompts and make sure your source png is in the same directory as the .exe. Ignore the “calculator” feature it is unfinished. Windows only for now, and it might need some .net packages to run… not sure. Outputs are already named in a way UE4 likes for you! Be sure to UNSELECT REVERSE Y AXIS in the Unreal import menu.

I have not tested this on any machine besides one, I’m taking a blind shot that this works for others without issue!

Also the usual legalese: I take no responsibility for what happens due to this program. You can use its output for commercial use. I used the FreeImage open source lib to power it, and the lib is included in download.


Source here, it is unrefactored, been busy I don’t think I’ll have time to touch it up:
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