[TOOL] Web based Plugin Creator/Wizard

I made a web app to help with plugin development after I got fed up having to rename a bunch of variables in a copied plugin template.

Just fill in a few fields and click a button to get a customized zip to serve as the base for your plugin.
Atm it has the “BlankPlugin” and UObjectPlugin" samples provided by Epic but I’m hoping that it could serve as collection of community submitted plugin templates.
If you want to add your own templates to it the page itself has some info on that.

As words are failing me atm I’ll just add the link to the site :>

Feel free to report any issues/bugs or suggestions to improve it.

Ue4 Web Plugin Generator

currently I don’t need to make plugins but it is really neat, thanks!

IMO a Gulp/Grunt should be a better choice since you can do more things.

I had considered that but Gulp or Grunt add more requirements for the user and is more hassle to setup.
With this the way it is all you need is a browser, no installing node and no hassle (hopefully).

What was it you had in mind that Gulp or Grunt could do that client side JS couldn’t relating to customizing a plugin template?

I’m getting module not found when I try dropping the generated plugin in the engine plugins directory, am I missing something here?


I’ve made similar thing but as an actual UE plugin.
If anyone would be interested to give it a try, heres a link Plugin Creator/Wizard - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums