[TOOL] UE4 T3D Converter for bsp brushes

T3D Converter that supports bsp brushes for UE4 ideal for maps convertion Dropbox - UE4-T3DConverter.rar - Simplify your life
-Supports convertions from UE1,UE2,UE3,UDK T3D files TO UE4 T3D files
-Supports Scaling

Source code

Awesome little tool. Good job on it.

Mind sharing the source code because I don’t want to execute an exe file from a random guy.

here is the source sir https://db.tt/s99tl2ZF

I have not heard of a T3D file before but now I learned something new. About the tool, very nice. :slight_smile:

And if people are still a bit suspicious, here are some virus scans:

i hace try it with a map from ue1 and i dont know if im doing somethig bad, but when importing to ue4 im getting a lot o brushes but missalocated. It appears to be at another size or something like that. What im doing wrong?

edit: maybe the bad thing is exporting the entire map from ut and then importing it to ue4?

I’m sorry but I can’t get this tool to work. I use it on a map and when I import it into the unreal4 engine the scaling is completely wrong. Any ideas on what i’m doing wrong?

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Because the scaling in previous UE is different to UE4? (16 units per foot vs 100units = 1 meter)

Trev discovered a couple bugs with this tool


And I discovered that for some reason, when UE4-T3DConverter converts blocking volumes to brushes, it seems to set them to a different material, so it’s actually pretty easy to convert them back using Select All With Same Material and then Convert->Blocking Volume

It would be better if the tool simply converted them into blocking volumes in the first place.

thank you all for your observations, fixing the blocking volumes bug seem easy also for the prepivot bug i will do my reaserch
if anyone want to have a look at the source code feel free to do it https://db.tt/s99tl2ZF
i will aslo be happy to hear more requests of how it will make conversion stuff easier

From my brief attempts, it looks like the conversion size is about 1.6 to 1.7.

That’s based on:
-Running straight from one corner of a small-ish VCTF map to the other and timing it.
-The current movement speed of the build of UT4 I downloaded last night. The character moves slower than UT3 at the moment, so if that changes, this might change as well.

Many thanks to the author of this tool! [insert handshake here]
Works superbly!
Here’s two pics of a map of mine converted from UT3, using scaling of 1.8.

The map is Diabolical from the UT3 low poly UoF mappack shown here: LP Map Pack - Unreal Old Friends

Sweet, worked for me - it was messed up at first when I used a scale of 1.5, but I exported from UE3 again after selecting all the brushes and resetting pivots/pre-pivots and it was all aligned properly in UE4 for me after re-conversion. Thanks :slight_smile:

sweet tool! Thanks

Great Tool. Works perfectly. Thanks!

Yeah this is awesome especially if you use 1.5625 scale of UT3 maps, it’s like the most perfect size ever!

Great tool, also love the name , truly awesome

Hey I just tried this on one of my UT3 maps. I export to TD3 and open it in this tool. A bunch of text shows up in the window below. Not sure what to do with the UE4 Material Path window. It defaults to /Games/Materials. Hit convert and it makes a new file in the same directory of the T3D file, but it appears to be another T3D file with this at the end: “_UE4.t3d.”

I assume this is how it’s supposed to be, but when I try to import into UT4 editor it won’t even see those files. What am I missing?

Thanks for any help.

P.S. My UT3 maps were made mostly with static meshes from the game. Will this even work?

Interesting tool. But when i used it to convert maps from Deus Ex 1 to UE4 - the error pops up Screenshot - e2f9710e616a667c59076c9cf91672e8 - Gyazo

PS: before that i have been exported them from Deus Ex sdk’s Unreal Ed 2.1 to .t3d format. What was wrong?