[TOOL TUTORIAL] Vector Fields from splines in 3ds Max

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Great script !!!

This is an excellent tool ! Great for creating ‘defined path’ type vector fields that would be difficult or impossible using Epic’s Maya fluids tool (which is more suited for creating complex simulation fields)

I just did a test and it works great:



One question. I would like to use NURBS curves instead of regular splines. I didn’t see an obvious way to convert NURBS curves into editable splines, so do you know if this possible? If not that might be a cool feature for your script (allowing NURBS curves to be used).

Thank you for writing this script and sharing it with us!!

Awesome work!! 5 stars!!!

can anyone port this as a blender plugin??? Its a free software and for simple stuff like generating a Vector field, I don’t think we need max. So if anyone could make this work in blender that would be totally cool.

Thank you so much for this script! I can’t believe I just stumbled onto this (thanks Tim!), I’ve been playing with it for a few hours now and am having a lot of fun with this.

I thought creating Vector Fields would be so much more difficult, this is great! :smiley:

The script is awesome!!! Thx for this. On a side note has anyone tried using this at a very large scale? I’m not having the best of luck balancing making the VF and splines large and scaling the relative scale 3d in the VF parameters in engine. Also adjusting the velocity to fill in the VF at that scale…not much luck at all. If anyone of you have messed with large sizes using this stuff would love to hear input on it.

He provides the MaxScript so if you want you can totally just move it off into Blender. I don’t know enough about the difference between Maxscript and Blender Python but I’m sure someone more familiar with those 2 can.

Speaking of Blender (like the post above me), I found this online over the weekend:

Creating Vector Fields in Blender - New tool

Download from here

More info available here

I use Max so I love this plugin, but it is good to see something similar for Blender!! Hope this helps!

Brilliant! Worked like a charm!

Thank you very much for this!
It works like a charm! I’m using it to simulate the wind resistance on a F1 car.
Gran aporte, gracias!



Tried just now and it’s very great, work well and easy to use, thank!

This might sound dum, but I can’t get the script to run. Is it compatible with 3dsmax 2015?

Awesome, thanks!

A question?
With this tool was made the effect of explosion infiltration demo?
Awesome tools
Thanks for this tools

thanks for this amazing tool!
The script is working perfectly on 3ds max 2014/2016 … But I can’t export a VF shape with density more than 32 … if I did, my whole PC crash … I did it many times with various shapes :confused:
It takes long time to Update the VF grid for everyone right?

I for one am still hoping on an updated, more optimised (multi-thread using?) version of this.
It works great, but occasionally I need such complex vecfields I need to run them overnight :confused:

Word of warning: I just lost a day’s of design work on a complex vector field, because I assumed that regular “line” splines would be convertible into an editable spline for use with the Vector Field generator.

You must use an “arc” spline instead.

O_o they can be converted into editable splines.
Just apply an editable spline modifier, collapse, done.

Very useful! Thank you!!!

hi ! thanks for the script ! is there a way to constraint the resulted vector in a plane ? like getting rid of one component ?

Hey, this script is amazing, thanks very much for sharing it!