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Enjoy the awesome tool!

I used the BETA project of this" Pinocchio" for a year or so and thought it was great, but very limited in clothing and character design.
Hopefully they’ll improve it over the years, but Autodesk will dump it if it doesn’t take off, (they have a habit of doing that) :slight_smile:

Now THIS looks interesting, and could certainly save indies working alone (like myself) LOTS of time, throw in the Mixamo online animation system, and it’d be even faster.

I really hope AD don’t drop this.

Question is, what’s the license? :expressionless:

there’s a free version, you get everything except the ability to do medium/high poly meshes and blendshape exporting/facial bone rigging, and access to example files (I think)

Trying to use the exported fbx with the ue4 starter animation pack but seems the skeleton targeting is very wrong:


Any tips for where I could be going wrong with export settings or the best way to go about fixing this sort of problem? (as you can tell I’m pretty new to all this sort of thing)