Tool Tip Widget class doesn't persist through closing and opening the project and gets reset to "None"

Hello everyone,
I am facing a bug here and would love if you guys can test it or help me figure it out. Here are the steps to recreate it:

  • I create a fresh empty Widget, add a text to it and call that “TooltipWidget”
  • I go to my main UI Widget, select an image, go to “Behaviour->Tool Tip Widget” and set the class to “TooltipWidget”.
  • I play the game, and it works!
  • Reopen the project or Close/open it and the class setting in “Behaviour->Tool Tip Widget” is reset to “None”! and if I set it up again, it works. but same issue if I close and reopen, the class gets reset every time.

It doesn’t matter which UMG element you apply the tooltip class to, it still gets reset after a close/reopen

Tried in 4.16.3 4.17.1 and 4.18 with fresh projects, and it’s the same issue.

I suggest to make it with blueprint : Construct > Create Widget (your tooltip widget) and use Set Tooltip Widget, so the tooltip widget will be more “persistent”.

This is still an issue.
Assigning it on Construct is fine, but this should work anyways no?

Can confirm this is still an issue. Using construct for now.