[TOOL][STANDALONE] Real-time PBR material organizer

Ptolemee is a PBR material organizer that offers a real-time view.
It will scan your materials folder and automatically assign matched image to the suitable usage in the shader.

The preview currently supports: Diffuse (of course), normal, specular, roughness, metallic, emissive, opacity, opacity mask, subsurface scattering and displacement.
That is really nice to browse a folder and directly see the displacement in action, you even can change the tesselation of the model.

Once you matched all the images composing your material, you can then render a thumbnail preview that will be saved in the same folder.
Upmost, there is a system of tags that can be applied to each matched material. Combining these two features, you can have a nice way to quickly compare all your wood materials for example, to better choose the one that suites the most.

You can see it in action here: Ptolemee Presentation - YouTube
It’s captured from a previous version but it show the general idea behind the process.

You can get it from this Gumroad link: Ptolemee

For those interested in knowing how the tool work, how some of the features were developped (mostly blueprint but a little bit of C++) you can contact us at [EMAIL=“2112Gam3s@gmail.com”]2112Gam3s@gmail.com or in this thread and we will be happy to answer.

Have a great week!