[TOOL] Quake 3 Assets (maps) converter

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working a lot on a standalone tool to be able to convert assets from a specific Quake 3 based game into the FBX format. Now I decided to share a version of this tool that is able to convert Quake 3 maps, and it works pretty well!

q3dm17 in Unreal Engine with some additions to the scene such as Exponential Height Fog

– How it works
This tool extracts brushes by iterating through them and finding vertices that are inside their bounds. It then exports entities (worldspawn, light and locations where specific entities class are), and textures.
The exported (FBX) scene is then fully made of BSP brushes, lighted and textured with locations where to place entities.

– Usage
q3converter_x64.exe -gamepath “Path to the Quake3 folder” “base game folder name” -outdir “Output directory” -file maps/map.bsp

You can specify more files by adding another -file parameter, or by specifying an asterik on the file name.
Example :

q3converter_x64 -gamepath “C:/Games/ioquake3” baseq3 -outdir “C:/Games/ioquake3/converted” -file “maps/q3dm17.bsp” -bsp_nosky

This command will convert q3dm17 from Quake 3, without including the sky from the BSP.

Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable x64 which may be needed to run this tool :
Tool download link (Windows x64 only) :…zROX0NqT2xJNlk

NOTE : I don’t support this tool anymore, I won’t offer any further assistance.

Not to be a party p00per, but did you see this: ?

I have never came across it, mine is specifically a standalone application and converts .bsp files directly rather than .map files.

does it work with quake2 bsp too?

It doesn’t support bsp lower than quake 3 ones yet.

HammUer also isn’t too flash at converting Q3 maps currently, :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tool :slight_smile: will give it a go for the lulz :slight_smile:

gave it a go on q3dm17 as well. made a great job with the geometry but sadly it failed with all textures except for one asset (kmlamp1). the rest I got errors like “Texture for shader ‘textures/base_light/ceil1_26’ not found”
still, to convert the geometry it’s great :slight_smile:

btw is it me or is q3dm17 feeling smaller in unreal compared to quake3? if you play it with shootergame it kinda feels like the scale is different

The scale is actually perfect from what i can tell.
In Q3 the eye height was quite low, that might be why you are feeling that…

This is awesome so has anyone converted all the favorites, idk where to find the badass maps that I used frag on for hours.
Wish the “online” version NOW didn’t cloud the original, would be a great project for fans to once again enjoy some multiplayer with the new upgrades/reboot to match current gen games.

What would make this even better is if, the gents at BLACK and GREEN would “donate” to the cause their remake models (since they are collecting dust) of most of the characters. Quake 3 Reborn for a title would be pretty kick ***, if i.d. nuked it that would totally suck.

But the possibilities… I’d be willing to remake Orb unless someone did already, would love to frag once again, no offense Unreal tourney people, but the gibs, the gibs…

I reuploaded the converter by fixing an issue where textures wouldn’t extract. :slight_smile:
Quake maps scaling are the same (internally quake maps are 16/30.5 times smaller but are converted to their real scale).

@Ley0k - This is an awesome utility and I was quite impressed with how smoothly it worked. Ran a few tests this morning. Good job.

Quick question, when you import the FBX file in to Unreal Engine, what settings do you use to import the FBX file. Trying to get a handle of how you got the above scene in to the engine as you did.

When you import the FBX into level, set it to create actor hierarchy into level, and import normals and tangents of static meshes.

You should have all actors imported into level. :slight_smile: In the screen I have just added an exponential height fog, with spotlights to produce a nice volumetric fog effect, and edited lights materials to be emissive.
However the FBX scene factory create empty actors with a light component rather than light actors, you cannot edit multiple lights at once, I think this should be fixed.

Very nice tool. Would be nice if you could add support for other id-tech3 games too. Also it seems like *bsp_nosky *is doing nothing for me. I’m using the same syntax as stated above in a batch file

Looks pretty good so far! Haven’t done a big search on it yet but is there a q3 style gameplay project somewhere?

hey this look like a nice tool but there seems to be a problem with the rar file.

I just grabbed this today, was looking forward to playing with it, but it doesn’t work. I dropped q3converter in the same folder as the BSP files, but everything I’ve tried for -gamepath and -outdir just keeps saying it can’t find the BSP file. For example, q3converter_x64 -gamepath “./” -outdir “./” -file “test.bsp”, which I would assume would check in the current folder, but it doesn’t work.

So, I don’t need all the extra “-gamepath, -outdir”, I just need it to find the BSP in the current folder, and output the converted file to the current folder, e.g. use it simply like “q3converter_x64 -file q3q1dm4.bsp” and it just works, no extra path parameters. Any chance we could get a fix for that? Or get the source so I can fix it myself… =D

don’t working for rtcw

Couple of things to help others who would like to use this tool:

  • You must unzip the .zip file using 7zip. Windows built in zip tool doesn’t like the .zip that Ley0k provided in his original post.
  • The .fbx file that is created by this tool is not scaled correctly. The reason is that 1 q3 unit is 1 inch and 1 UE4 unit is 1 cm. So the map is less than half the correct size.

I created a python tool to fix the scaling issue. You can download my python script here: GitHub - KroniK907/ScaleFBX: Scales an ascii fbx file by a specified scale amount

Simply enter 2.54 as the scale factor and your map will import at the correct size.



Hi everyone,

I come here because the tool would be awesome for my school exam project, which is recreating Quake 3.
The tool seems to work pretty well, however, when I open the .fbx in 3ds max, everything seems textured.
But when I import it in unreal or unity, everything is untextured, and I don’t know which texture to apply since there’s a lot of them in the outdir.

The tool is complaining that my RTCW bsp version is too new (47 instead of 46) Can we somehow update the version of q3map2 used in the binary?