[TOOL] Pivot Tool for Maya

Pivot Tool for Maya

Hi All!

Due to massive demand (possibly) I’ve created a Maya plugin which provides functionality similar to the Pivot Painter in the general UE4 release. Along with the tool, I’ve supplied a couple of example assets in the form of source Maya files and a UE4 (4.22) project with some shaders. It’s pretty simple to get setup and running, check out the links below for info.

In addition to all of the Pivot Painter texture outputs, the Maya tool also supports single-influence skinned objects; this means you can create simple rigs for foliage, ropes, snakes and provide super-cheap vertex animations by treating them as static meshes!

Check out the project page here:

Obligatory Shiny Content

Included in the content is this blocky door…


…and this tentacle monster, if that’s your thing (I won’t judge)…



Hi! Nice tool, it’s fantastic that you want to give us a plugin similar to pivot painter but for maya, thank you!
I have only one problem that is possibly related to my maya version ( 2017 ).
I add my rgb and alpha, then i do Regenerate Output, when i try to export it tells me that i have to do ‘Regenerate Output’ first, that i’ve already done and my Pivot output is already transformed in to my merged mesh obv, any solution?


Sorry for the delay in replying. Are you able to share the .mb with me to try on my end?

Hi firstly thank you for pivot exporter for maya.
When I got base maya2018 there was same bug as mentioned. (Attached image). When I installed 2018.6 update bug gone and everything is good.
I have one note. There is problem with exported mesh and pivot textures in pivotpainter2 shader in unreal when is maya set on default Y-up settings. I must set the Z-up to move things correct. Is there some workaround to deal with this problem?

Great tool! Works perfect but sadly the textures I need are the ones that are used for foliage and plants that can currently only be got using 3ds Max. Are there any plans to support this as be great if so!!!

Does this work on maya 2020?

@ I’ve just uploaded a new release that installs into Maya 2020. My local tests show that this is working, so feel free to give it a go!

@ Sorry for the late reply, This tool should generate the same texture content as the 3ds max one, so you should be able to use it for the existing foliage nodes.

In the Pivot Painter 2 Documentation there is a “selection order” 16 bit output named that I can not find in the current release of your maya plugin. Has it been implemented?

Is it possible to get this working in Maya 2022?

Where are the links?