[TOOL] Modular House Building System

Hello guys,

currently working on a modular building system for architecture. It´s not a super fast solution but i want to have as much control as i can when using modules for buildings. It´s also possible to “convert” the used meshes (see video) to hierarchical instanced static mesh components (needs to be pre-defined in the blueprint). Its pre Alpha WIP at the moment, but if anyone wants to i´ll put it on the market when i´m mostly done.

To Do´s:

  • change elements afterwards
  • roof script
  • interiour Toolbox
    and much more…

What it can do:

  • You can change the size of the segments to the size you want to use
  • you can (atm) build in a destructive way a house with infinite different levels (when your pc can handle it)
  • (Tutorial follows when released) you can change from static mesh mode (if want to change every single piece of the house) to hierarchical instanced mode (way faster) (needs some work in the blueprint at least)
  • you can freely design a house given by it´s components (every angle is possible)
  • building inner walls etc.

What it can not do:

  • randomized building (thats not the purpose)
  • building a house in 30 secs
  • do the work for you :wink: