[TOOL] [FREE] Script to generate 16-bit heightmaps from USGS elevation data

I’ve put together a small Python script which should make it a bit easier to generate high quality 16-bit heightmaps (PNG) from USGS elevation data which can be loaded directly into Unreal Engine for quick and easy landscape generation. Alternatively you can plug the outputs into something like WorldMachine and make additional changes.

You can download the script and see full instructions HERE.

Please let me know if anything doesn’t work or you can think of other useful features to add.

If you generate any interesting terrains in UE using this, I’d love to see some screens posted below!

Here’s a very quick landscape generated from USGS elevation data with some minor tuning in World Machine to give you an idea:

Hey @MacroPolo -

I am filing a few issues under github issues. This looks like a solid tool so far.

The only thing it is missing is Tiled landscape support IMO.

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@MacroPolo I like your screenshots. Which area from the map is that?