[TOOL][FREE]1 Click Rig. Unreal to Blender characters conversion free addon

Hi everyone!
I have created a new addon for rigging unreal engine characters, and more.


Github(documentation in progress):

This looks AWESOME Artem :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try it tonight!

I wonder if I can use this to rig gear to the UE skeleton easier. In the past it usually failed when import/exporting the skeleton. Will check this out for sure!

Hi, guys. Are you succeed?

Eventually will test when I work with Blender again, perhaps later this year.

A 3rd part and an update is ready.

1 Click Rig v1.4.1. Editing UE animation. - YouTube](1 Click Rig v1.4.1. Editing UE animation. - YouTube)

Heya Art,

Had a good crack at it, but couldn’t get it going sorry.

I used a G8 character imported into Blender 2.83.7 (LTS) using the latest daz to blender bridge.

When I tried to apply the mannequin pose I got this:

When I undid that and exported it and tried to import it into UE4 I got this:

I think you got this because bone rolls in your rigify rig is different from the default.

This error appears usualy if you forget to check “only deform bones” on export.

I tried to convert daz character too, but without bridge. Here is my forkflow:

  1. Import character, and remove redundant bones. 1 click rig contains utility functions. Edit mode -> clear empty bones.
  2. Merge bones with vgroups button. Merge neck bones into one. Merge face bones to one head bone. Merge toes to one bone. Merge palm bones with hand.
    Foot bone bit trycky, you may miss that foots have foot bone and Metatarsals bone. Merge them too into a foot bone.
  3. Than you can follow documentation https://github.com/artempoletsky/ble…g_to_rigify.md last 2 chapters.

It works for me.

One more thing i forget. Daz character has 5 spine torso bones, and you need to have 4. So you need to merge 2 lowest bones in torso to the pelvis bone. And you need to check that all spine bones have a correct parent.

Hi, first off thanks for the great tool. Is exactly what I needed. Got an idea how I can fix my characters back problems though? Character is from mixamo.

Hi. Try this.

  1. Pose the character as you want in Blender. Go to object mode. Press Apply pose. Export and check the animations.
  2. If animations is bad. You can try pressing Reset rigify and Add unreal skeleton to rig. This combination will regenerate the UE skeleton.

Hi Artem,
nice Plugin, thank you for it! I have repeated 3 times your tutorial with the girl character from mixamo. In Blender all goes lke in your tutorial, but when I import it in Unreal I get allways a wrong position of the arms and the feet position is under the floor.

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Were you able to solve this issue? I am having the same problem.

I keep geting a


This could happen if significant hierarchical changes have been made
e.g. inserting a bone between nodes.
Would you like to regenerate the Skeleton from this mesh?

Any idea the cause?

it works, a big thank you :wink: