Tool for Simulation of real time zombie Infection and body rot

hello guys and girls,

my name is felix and i just started to learn unreal engine. My dream is to create my own resident evil / dead rising like game. some of the Features i dreamed of are a realtime infection system and body rot of the zombies while ingame time progresses. Im pretty new and dumb but form my point of view it shouldn’t be that complicated.

I set up a Class for all Actors wich check if their health is =/>0. If that’s the case it starts an internal timer like 1minute and start a revive animation.
In addition it needs to create a status like ‘‘dead_recently’’ that change the AI pattern to another and changes skin texture or material to a more zombie like.
this status could be changed again over and over again to make em slower or look more disgustingly rotten.

well please helps :smiley: <3