[TOOL] EasySynth - a plugin for easy creation of synthetic image datasets

Hello Community!

We needed a simple image dataset creation tool for ML purposes, but since all we could find were advanced simulators, we decided to create one.

EasySynth does not require knowledge of either C++ or Blueprints. It utilizes a LevelSequence to define the movement of the camera and provides a simple interface for semantic labeling of actors present in the scene. It supports exporting camera positions and rotations at each frame, as well as the following output formats:

  • Color images rendered by default
  • Depth grayscale images
  • Pixel normal images
  • Optical flow between frames
  • Images with actor semantic labels

As an example, the following output can be created in 20 minutes, from the project setup to the output rendering (using a third-party level). Check out the workflow timelapse.


For more details check out the GitHub repo. We are working on making this plugin available for free in the marketplace. The current version only works with UE 4.26, but the update is coming.

We hope somebody will find it useful!

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