Tool bar needs to be dockable anywhere UE5

Just curious why you guys made the tool bar undockable and as far away from everything else as possible ? Anytime you have to use it you have to cross the entire screen to get to it ? this is alot of wasted time - Why wouldnt you make it dockable anywhere so you can put it as close to your mouse usage area as possible -

same with the screenshot tool - why isnt that just part of the interface by now ? when you are working for clients u make screenshots all day long and contrantly i have to click on my windows bar find the screenshot tool make it visible and then click the button - thats alot of clicks just to get a screenshot - yes i can make a hotkey but honestly they dont always work and i change the size depending on the situation alot

I think one of the problems with the screenshot tool to achieve this is that it is specific to that one viewport. But yes I would very much like it to be more accessible as well.