Took a leave of absence from my dev job to start my own studio. Here is my first game

I have been working as a developer for the past two years for a telecom company here in sweden but wanted a change
so i took some time of and started my own indiestudio. It’s just me for now.

Just released my first game. Made a pretty simple escape the room puzzle game for VR. I made a short game to get the feel for the whole chain of releasing a game.
The whole deal with getting even a small game shipping-ready and on steam was more work than I thought. But now I know how to do that. :slight_smile:

Check it out if you want and let me know what you think.

Wow that was really cool. To be honest this is the first time Ive ever watched a video showing VR stuff, didnt realize you could do that sort of stuff.

Great work, I need to get a vr headset now!

Thank you Rocky.

Everything is possible with Unreal Engine. :smiley:

But really this wouldn’t be possible without all the features the engine provides and all tutorials and help you can find on the forums. My next game might utilize more of the engine features because there is so much more to explore and try out with this amazing tech.

That is very nice work! Are you using a Vive or Oculus?

Thank you.

Right now I’m only working with Vive but that’s just because I only own a Vive.

I will try to apply for an oculus for my next game or buy one if I not eligible for their development hardware program. Then I will probably port this game as well.
I’m also interested in PSVR but I guess that Sony is a little more restrictive with devkits.

Just WOW. Awesome work. Keep it up!

Thank you Sardorian. Glad you liked it.