Too many UE versions.. and too many bugs not getting fixed or postponed forever...

Too many UE versions… and too many bugs not getting fixed or postponed forever…

…and I mean really.
Looking at the Unreal Engine Issues page is a nightmare with so many bugs being reported and most continously postponed to another UE version and it’s like an infinite cycle that never ends and more bugs pop up and new version required and no backward compatibility and upgrading a project to a new version is not always really possible and so on…
On the Affected Version and Target Fix there are now so many UE currently developed versions , I can see 4.25 , 4.25plus, 4.26, 4.27, 5.0-m4, 5.0-early preview, 5.0 …
And due to that obviously programmers must go thru source code for each version fixing the bugs and that means delays like this one for a quite critical bug using World Composition that is affecting Unreal Engine since version 4.23 but will get fixed only with the final 5.0 release: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-90633)
And there are many other cases like that one. Which clearly is a problem for anyone using Unreal Engine to develop anything.
I really hope that with Unreal Engine 5 the source code was rewritten to be modular so that fixes could be applied quickly and avoid all the delays and upgrading projects issues just to get some bugs fixed due to the fact that minor releases just stop after .2 or .4 for most UE releases so upgrading the project to a new engine version is mandatory to get the bugs fixed. With a modular approach it would be easier to just upgrade some API modules instead of the whole package each time. But if that is not going to happen and all the delays continue then UE 5 despite all the new features will continue to be a nightmare bugs wise.


I do not think UE has too many versions, it has just the right amount of versions, remember there are a lot of guys working on it, it is just how development works, Regarding to the bugs been postponed forever, that I agree 100%, but it is also a known fact, Epic is not interested in fixing anything that has no direct use in their games and I do believe is fine, after all they are running a business.

But I feel you man, I wish too they can go modular, especially in the rendering side, many of the key components there are ultra hardcode, I have been wishing to create shading models from plugins since version 4.8 but probably it won’t happen ever, not even in 5.0 and I know they are aware of these flaws, it is just not necessary for them to fix them now.


You make it sound like its business as usual, but its not - Epic are swamped. :eek: But is that down to prepping for UE5, or the pandemic, or just trying to scale up from hundreds of workers to thousands? IDK.:confused: But I’m curious what 4.19-4.27 was all about versus 4.10-4.18. How many of the more recent engine releases were game changers versus stuff that was broken??? RTX maybe (esp for Archviz). VR maybe… But even the VR guys are saying that VR has been sidelined… Personally I think the ride to UE5 is going to be very bumpy. :wink: BTW: Your call on Scripting was wrong… But ofc we still have to see how that all turns out. :stuck_out_tongue:

@UnrealEnterprise well dude we don’t win all battles :p, in fact I like to be wrong so I can learn faster. But now to be honest what they have showed was way too simple for my taste. I would rather expect something that can replace blueprints. AFAIK that scripting tool is been designed for fortnite and those none programmers to do something fancy for the game. If is not faster than blueprints for prototyping then I really don’t see why should I use it, but if it is! I will be the first one learning it, since I am tired of buggy blueprints. At any case, I can be sure 100% it won’t replace c++

But we are off topic here, I insist epic games does features only in benefit of its games and again it is totally ok, it is business after all. :stuck_out_tongue: Lastly to mention, I really really wish they do something about the rendering portion, so I don’t need to suffer maintaining my code with every release