too many skeletons for armour and limbs

i have a character, who’s mesh is split up into different pieces with the intention of them being enabled/disabled in order to have a limb sliced off, like decapitation
so far, from what i’ve understood, when i import the character’s mesh into unreal, it treats all his submeshes as 1 skeletal mesh, and i can’t access the submeshes
so i split each bodypart into it’s own fbx file
now the character only has the torso on him, and all the other bodyparts are there, with “set master pose component”, where the torso is the reference for it.
however, in a similar fashion i’m also supposed to do armour
so now i’ve got around 11 meshes for the character’s limbs, and who knows how many more for additional armour
but by doing it like this, i’ve got multiple skeletons, and i’m afraid that this will kill performance
is there some easier way to control multiple meshes on 1 skeleton, so that i can enable/disable said meshes, without killing the game’s performance because of unnecessary skeletons?