Too many resource bars?

Hi, so I’m planning out the game that I want to make and it kind of came down to this:

This game will have a stamina meter, a focus meter, a health bar and maybe an adrenaline meter, as well as a command stack. Focus will deal with mental abilities/commands and stamina will deal with physical ones. Stamina and focus fill at different rates depending on the character, as well as having different maximums. Stamina and focus can also fill while using abilities/commands. You also don’t heal over time. You get 2 “stem gel” packs that will heal you completely over a period of seconds. You can steal stem gel from defeated opponent.

The adrenaline meter will based off how much damage you give and how much damage you give and receive, as well as what I call: “close calls”. Close Calls will be when an attack penetrates a certain radius of you or a target without making contact. The closer it gets to the player, the greater the adrenaline gain. Adrenaline effects both focus and stamina. Adrenaline diminishes when you aren’t shoot at or being shot at.

Most special moves and abilities will only be usable at certain levels of adrenaline.

Different characters will have different exclusive moves and abilities.

some examples of moves/abilities I want to add:

Ability: sight line
Effect: Can see enemy cross hairs on guns for basic shots when looking at them and up to 2 seconds when looking away (non-command moves).
Focus cost: 5 per a second
Stamina cost: none
Adrenaline requirement: 5
High adrenaline effect

Ability: Bullet Dodge
This move comes in 2 parts
Part 1:

Effect: prepare to watch out for another player in your line of sight to shoot you
Focus cost: 10 per a second
Stamina cost: none
Adrenaline required: None
High Adrenaline effect:

Part 2:

Effect: If another player in your line of sight is shooting at you, depending on the speed of the projectile, as well the location that the projectile is set to go to.
Focus cost: 30 per a second
Stamina cost: 30 per a second
Adrenaline requirement: 35
High Adrenaline effect:

Ability: Bullet Punch
Effect: increase the damage and speed shot of weapon. It’s effect very depending on the weapon and character.
Focus cost: none?
Stamina cost: 5-15 depending on weapon weight
Adrenaline requirement: 10
High Adrenaline effect: more damage

Ability: Dash
Effect: Let you move quickly in any direction
Focus: none
Stamina: 10
Adrenaline requirement: 5
High Adrenaline effect: dash further

Ability: Down Sight
Effect: look down gun sight to increase accuracy
Focus: 1 per a second
Stamina: none
Adrenaline requirement: none
High Adrenaline effect: less steady

I want it to be a fast paced third person shooter that borrows from beat em and hack and slashes ups like Platinum Games and western hack and slashes like god of war and darksiders games.

I know that I won’t be able to fully implement this for awhile, but I do want to know if there’s a way to properly implement these mechanics without it being too much for a player.