Too many bugs and ways to remove them quickly


I’ve started to develop on ue4 about half a year ago. Don’t too long. But I’ve found at least a dozen of bugs which drain much time.

Epic makes a new version of UE every 2-3 months, and they try to remove bugs. But their progress is fairly slow. While having nearly a thousand of bugs, they remove 20-30 in each version and add 10 new.

I’ve got a very good idea. As all the source code of engine is public, we can remove bugs and share bug-free files. If each of us removes 1-2, than we will be able to deal with them more quickly.

I will be glad if you guys share your ideas about this. Be free to offer new ways.

Hope we can think of something useful. :slight_smile:

If you look at the release notes of each version you’ll notice that the number of fixes is much much higher than 20-30, it’s probably closer to 1,000
As far as people contributing fixes, they already do that. There’s a section of the release notes that gives credit to everyone that contributed.


Of course i knew that there’s a section of release notes, I sometimes watch it.
But still, even if i install the newest version, i can still find lots of bugs.

My point is, even with amount of removed bugs “closer to 1,000”(as posted above), there’re still many of them.

I doubt you’re finding that much, in any case they are doing what they can to fix bugs when they find them

What you suggest already exists on GitHub:
If you find and fix a bug, send a pull request, and it will be integrated by Epic.
Other people waiting for the bug fix can manually merge the pull request ahead of time.

Now, if you’ve found a dozen bugs that take your time, can you show us links to a dozen reproducible bug reports?
If not, then there’s no chance that anyone else can find and fix the bug…