Too many binaries

Hello. My project only has 2 plugins, 80 Kib source files, but the Binaries and Intermediate directory has too many files.
Every 5 to 7 days, the size of the binaries is 25 GiB.
Why are the files not being deleted when I compile the files?

If you actually open up the binaries, you may see files like YourPlugin-001.dll, YourPlugin-002.dll, YourPlugin-003.dll, …
Those are generated each time you press the recompile button in the toolbar in the unreal editor.
Because the editor keeps the older versions of the DLLs loaded, it can’t delete the older versions of the files while it’s still running.
I’ve found that if I close the editor, and build in Visual Studio, it actually deletes all those binaries.
I imagine you can also quit the editor and just manually clean then up by deleting them from the Binaries folders while the editor doesn’t hold them open.