too long building

Hello, i have a MSI GE60 and when I try to build a BasicCode project with {Debug Editor, x64, Build Only Project} settings it takes a lot of time. For example, yesterday I was trying to build a project with DebugGame Editor mode and waited for 2+ hours, but nothing happened, only in the build output of many lines were incomprehensible to me :mad:. After all, in theory there should be pre-compiled files (although not really know), but it seems to me that the whole engine is compiled again, as when I was after the abolition of the building and a sharp exit from the Visual Studio, missing executable file itself editor.
Help, what’s wrong? :frowning:

Some lines from Build Output:


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The UE4 code base is very large, and most of it is in C++. This means that clean (initial) builds can take anywhere from 20minutes to several hours. My computer is quite good (16GB RAM, x64 quad core @ 2.4GHz), and it still takes me ~30 minutes to build from a clean slate. Once you have compiled once, build times will be faster due to pre-compiled headers and other tricks.

In the best case, I hope you waited for a little longer until the build completed, but if you didn’t, my suggestion would either be to just wait it out, or to upgrade your hardware.
Looking around the forum, I’ve seen Epic posters state several times that improving build times is something that is being prioritized however, so if that is any indication, I’m hoping that the build times at least don’t get any worse as the code base grows bigger.

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Thanks you Temaran for your reply.

Decided to still wait for what’s going to end construction. I ran building, spotted time and left the computer, coming in an hour found that the construction is completed and the editor is already running, which of course was very happy :slight_smile:
Then added one class and a bit of code to it, and began to build and it took 2-3 minutes and then for about 2-3 minutes to start the editor and a total of about 5-6 minutes to add a class. I can not say that it is good for the active coding and debugging , but at least it gives us hope and a little jolt for further study UE4.

I have read that one thing that’s important for speeding up compile times for the core engine is to have tons of RAM memory.

One person said that they found that 32 GB of RAM was generally optimal, and that adding more than 32 GB generally led to diminishing returns and wasn’t worth it.

If your computer has enough slots for 32GB of RAM then I would upgrade it. RAM is pretty cheap after all.

If your computer doesn’t have enough space for 32 GB then you could at least make sure you’ve maxed out your RAM slots for what you have available.

Look at the Windows >Developer >modules window in the editor. Once you’re running the editor you compile and reload your modules from the editor. The editor reloads the module automatically which helps with the turnaround.

3 hours into build im at 38% . stupid