Too Large .obb file

Whenever I package the project for android I get a way to large .obb file. my .apk file is like 45mb and .obb file is 400mb however my content folder size is 80 mb. Why is this happening?

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In project settings check
Create compresed cooked packages. Eclude editor contet. List of mpa to include (choode the maps you only need) used shared material code and library.
Also be sure that you have texture sizze power of 2 like 512x512. Textures are 70 percent of the projects size sorry for typos im write from mobile

Mine Is Like 6gb, This Engine Seriously Unoptimized, Unity For Example Excludes Everything That Your Game DOESN’T Use, Why Doesn’t Unreal engine Do That, WHY!?

hi lilo follow all of these steps
Reducing APK Package Size | Unreal Engine Documentation
the most important are
1 too select only the maps you need to cook( without this it does cooks everything)
2 create compressed packages
3 reduce the texture size right click many textures ->asset actions → bulk via matrix and set the max texture to 1024 or 2048 (must be power of 2)
4 if the game does not need realistic graphics you can go project settings and remove atmospheric fog and stationary sky light and anything the project does not need

the ue4 you remove things that you dont need in unity you do the opposite! GL